Aquarium Show

The Shop

Aquarium Show, located in Sunrise, FL, is your premier destination for all things aquatic. Our shop boasts a diverse selection of live plants, vibrant corals, and a wide array of high-quality aquarium supplies. With a commitment to excellence, we provide enthusiasts and beginners alike with expert guidance and top-notch products to create stunning and thriving aquatic environments. Visit Aquarium Show for an immersive experience in the world of aquariums, where passion meets expertise.

Flavio And Tony

The Founders

Flavio and Tony, lifelong friends with a shared passion for aquatic wonders, embarked on an extraordinary journey that led to the founding of Aquarium Show in Sunrise, FL. Bonded by their friendship and fascination with aquatic life, the duo dreamed of creating a haven for fellow enthusiasts.

Flavio and Tony's journey traces back nearly two decades when they worked together at Flavio's first shop in Brazil. Remarkably, Flavio initiated this venture at the tender age of 17, driven by his deep-seated passion for aquariums. Little did he know that his ambitious start would pave the way for a lasting friendship and a new venture that would make Aquarium Show international!

After meticulous planning and dedication, Flavio and Tony turned their dream into reality, opening Aquarium Show. The shop quickly became a hub for aquarium aficionados seeking top-quality supplies and a welcoming community in South Florida. Through their shared vision and commitment, they transformed their passion into a thriving business, creating a legacy that continues to inspire aquarium enthusiasts.

What's next?

Our Mission

Our team at Aquarium Show is driven by a mission to elevate the aquarium community by providing exceptional products, expert guidance, and fostering a sense of camaraderie among enthusiasts. Committed to sustainability and responsible practices, they aim to promote the hobby to families and generations to come.

Looking ahead, their vision includes expanding Aquarium Show to reach a broader audience. With plans to introduce innovative concepts, immersive experiences, creating a hub for both seasoned hobbyists and newcomers.